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1- We first submit a bid for a contract with the City (OKC, Nichols Hills, The Village etc.) for the sections of watermain that need replacing. This requires a careful analysis of the neighborhood for all existing structures above and below ground. Compiling a bid is a complex process as all above ground objects must be taken into account such as trees, shrubbery, driveways and anything that may affect the progress of digging a trench to lay our new line. Below ground we have to locate the old water main and any natural gas or electrical lines that may be where we are going to need to dig.
2- Upon being awarded a contract, we develop a plan to route the new line in such a way as to not interrupt your water service until the new line has been completely laid in place and tested. One of our workers will document the condition of the area with videotape before work commences to assure that we leave the site as close to original condition as possible.
3- Materials, machines and trucks are stockpiled in a protected area near or adjacent to the work site and all affected homeowners and businesses are notified in advance that the water main replacement will commence on a certain date.
4- Work commences and the watermain is replaced at approximately 100 feet a day. We are constantly being monitored by city inspectors and OSHA. Our crews usually start work at 8 am and quit at 5 pm. We usually don't work in inclement weather.
5- Upon completion of the replacement, disinfection and testing of the 6 inch water main we begin to replace the line service to each individual residence or business by disconnecting the old service line and attaching the new service line at the water meter. 2 inspection tests are required for final approval and acceptance by the city.
6- Upon verifying that all our new connections are sealed and working properly, we do our final cleanup and leave for the next project.
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