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Is a locally owned construction company based in Edmond, Oklahoma with a maintenance and storage yard in Oklahoma City. We are licensed and bonded and adhere to OSHA requirements at all times. We've been renovating the watermain infrastructure in the Oklahoma City Metro area for 12 years and you've probably seen our crews on occasions as you travel throughout the city.

Our job is to keep Oklahoma City's water system safe and clean
by replacing watermain pipes that have reached the end of their working life, water line feeds to each individual residence or business and
also replace any dilapidated meters as needed. Our challenge is to accomplish this task with minimal disruption to
your neighborhood or place of business.

This website is to help you understand what is about to take place as we accomplish our task. We hope that we can do our
job and leave your area with as little disturbance as possible.

Respectfully, Paul Matthews owner/manager