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  1. How long will the watermain replacement take to complete?
    Many variables will determine the total time required to replace the line. In some places underground impediments can slow progress but usually a typical line replacement project
    takes 6-8 weeks from the date of first excavation to final resodding and landscaping.
  2. Will access to my home or place of business be restricted?
    In some instances it is unavoidable that access will be impeded for a short period. In such circumstances we try to notify home and business owners that there is to be restricted access as soon as we deem it necessary. In most instances the limited access is usually only a few hours, but on rare occasions it may be longer. If access is to be restricted for longer than 1 day we provide temporary access at the end of each day until the next morning.
  3. Will there be any interruption in our water service?
    Normally the only time water service is interrupted is when the new line service is connected to your meter which takes about 1-3 hours. However when the new main line is connected to the city's existing feeder system, it is sometimes necessary to shut down the entire old line to make the new connection. Again we try to notify everyone in advance on such occasions.
  4. Is there any hazardous situations that we should be aware of?
    As with most construction projects, there will be heavy machinery working in the area. There will also be some large, deep trenches and ditches. We would like to emphasize that children should stay away from these areas at all times. We mark these areas with yellow hazard tape and should be avoided. Our machinery operators are extremely cautious, but we need your help to make sure that avoidable accidents don't happen.
  5. If my property is damaged, what recourse do I have?
    Our crews are aware that we are responsible for damage to private property so we are extremely cautious about breakage and damage to things like driveway approaches, tree roots, sprinkler systems, landscaping, etc. If you feel that any damage has not been adequately repaired we will review your situation and seek an agreeable resolution.
  6. Will you have to dig up my tree or drive? What about my flower beds?
    No, we use a technique called boring whereby we bore several feet under any surface objects and generally cause no harm to any surface items.
  7. Where will the new line be located?
    Usually on the opposite side of the street of the old line and will be located  3' - 5' behind the curb.
  8. What about my sprinkler system?
    If we should cause damge to your system, we will repair back to good working order. You can assist us by running your system to make sure it is in good working order. If you should have any problems please call us at (405)-463-5665 or e-mail us at:
  9. I have experienced some settlement in my yard . What should I do?
    This is a common occurance and again you can contact us at (405)-463-5665 or e-mail us at: and we will be happy to come and remedy the situation.
  10. I now have a fire hydrant in my front yard. Why is that?
    Hydrant locations are determined by the project engineers and are usually located on the property line
  11. Will I get a new driveway approach?
    The project engineers determine which approaches
    are to be replaced. However in some cases conditions require that the approach be removed.We will provide temporary access to the drive until such a time as the new pipe can be tested and approved so we can replace the approach. However we will inform you well in advance if removal is required.
  12. I would like to replace my whole drive. Can you assist me me in this?
    Yes, we would be happy to put you into contact with our sub-contractor or help you directly. Please understand that this is completely seperate from the work being performed for the city. If you elect to replace your entire driveway, that portion of the job must be completed 1st and then we would replace your approach upon completion of the the drive replacement.Please e-mail us with any additional questions at: .
  13. Why is water constantly running into the street?
    We are constantly checking the water for purity.
    We are required by code to pass 2 purity tests and then we can switch from the old line to the new one.

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